Letter to Florida Governor Charles Joseph “Charlie” Crist Jr. RE: IRS Agent Found Dead

Are you really doing an investigation into the affairs of the Bay County Medical Examiners Office?

I argued for most of my 15 minute limit before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals about what I considered was the murder of an IRS Agent that had previously threatened my life for a local preacher that was so connected to the “good old boy” network that terrorized me and my concept of justice.  The IRS Agent was found dead just days after being served with a qui.tam. Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act suit that was based on the criminal takeover of my Title Insurance Business by my competition and others.

An IRS Inspector interviewed me in a murder investigation of that Agent.  My statement to him was that they had better do an independent autopsy of this Agent in light of the knowledge he had in the matter of the RICO case.

The case was sent to the Justice Department under the qui.tam. (he who sues the King, sues himself) provision where I had formally requested Justice to enjoin with me in this suit.  They returned the complaint in the 90 day required period with no cover letter in a plain manilla envelope to deny the request.

The case had to be filed several times to satisfy the Federal Judge due to the fact that all the Attorneys that I had either turned on me or withdrew after doing nothing at all but taking my money.  I finally got it through and they would not let me sue on behalf of my family owned corporation.

The jest of this letter is to request you investigate this matter.  I believe that the Medical Examiner at the time covered up this MURDER! He was convicted a couple of years later of murdering his own wife.

I had always heard that 12 men ran Panama City, Florida and there are 12 members of the White Western Men’s Club.  This is where I met the IRS Agent and he showed up the next day to do an audit of my business and threaten my life when I confronted him about who sent him and why he was auditing me at that time.  He stated that the preacher that I was partnered with was a “bad man and we are doing an investigation of him and that the IRS Officer in charge and a confidential informant was missing” which I took as threat to my life.  I did not believe that to be true and time told that it could not have been, unless that too was being covered up. The IRS Agent showed up just minutes after I had thrown my competitor out of my office after he tried to change a contract to buy the assets of my 12-year-old Title Insurance Company from a $235K purchase price to $10K at the last-minute.  The IRS Officer did an audit at that time and said we owed $8K in taxes and refused to accept an offer of $5k with $3K in two days saying “all or none” and that there was a bona-fide purchaser present to purchase my company and I must sell or he would seize my business.  When I threw them both out of my office, he later put the padlocks on my doors while I was in my attorney’s office.  This all happened in one day.  My Title Insurance Underwriter rep was also there that day doing an audit due to the sale.  That company is now owned by Chicago Title Insurance Company, who was purchased by Fidelity and is the Company that wound up with my Bank Building on Harrison Avenue which I had purchased from a Federal Credit Union.  I was electrocuted prior to the closing during the time I was renting the building due to negligence on behalf of Tyndall Federal Credit Union and Debold in what could have been an attempt to “take me out”.

My RICO case was passed from Federal Judge to Federal Judge and wound up on the desk of the Chief Judge who denied all motions, including motions for hearings, oral arguments due to my pro se status, discovery conferences, RICO sanctions for parties that failed to appear and many more blatant right violations which allowed the Racketeering activities to continue, which in itself is a violation of the RICO ACT.

It took me ten years to get to the Supreme Court and my first appearance before a Federal Judge was in my appeal before the 11th Circuit.  The clerk at the Supreme Court returned my 32 defendant 12 count appeal due to some spacing matter and by the time I had it republished, it was returned as being “out of time”.

In the words of my partner the Preacher that I had prevented from converting property of another partner, “I had been PANAMAED”.

Please do a complete examination of this matter on behalf of me and the State of Florida.

A person is as good as their word.


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    • Thanks for your comments. I will work on the inclusion of pictures and a video for you. They were included as Exhibits in the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Suit with Clayton Act, Sherman Act and Hobbs Act violations that the Federal Judiciary MOOTED!


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    • You are posting from Nobis Technology Group, LLC…as in Blooming”idiot”ton, IL….again.

      Your IP says it all.

      There is nothing entertaining or fun about this article.

      Your other self was on here earlier.


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