Peoples First Sold To Hancock Bank

I find it a little more than ironic that Peoples First, the Bank who sent their inhouse Appraiser out on Junction Station project at the corner of 231 and 20, and appraised 27 Acres for $83K to kill the deal involving Rev. J.W. Hunt, who said his buddy Joseph “Joe”  Chapman would finance the deal and testified in Gulfport in the James Maulden Racketeering Trial as a character witness, would be bought out by a Gulfport Bank, Hancock Bank.
I just hope they “Let the Sunshine In” and do a complete evaluation of the FAILURE AND ITS’ CAUSE!

Coercion of Business has been a major problem in Panama City for a long time and without question have had almost no oversight.

The local Banks have kept Small Businesses down for a long time, unless you were an “Insider” or “sold your soul” so to speak.

Anyone who has stood up against them has had to pay…… bigtime.

I just hope the tide is changing.


One response to this post.

  1. Sunshine would be a improvement, this seems to be yet another good ole boy deal. Too bad when the little guy gets screwed as a bonus.


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