Coercion of Business

1430 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Florida

Chicago Title

When I was electrocuted while renting, prior to closing , the Harrison Ave Building, Tyndall Federal Credit Union Officers met with us at our office and offered to send us all their business. I told them all we ever wanted was for everyone to allow the customer to select the Title Company instead of the Coercion of Business tactics that was being utilized by the lenders locally and nation wide.  They did not send any business and cut us off and told customers that we were not approved.  See customer affidavit in RICO Evidence.

Then it came up that the attorney that had handled the transaction left off a lot that was an integral part of the tract that was sold.  I was told they would convey it to us is I would agree not to sue.  Then there was the matter of the leaking roof.  That was just before the Foreclosure procedures that led to the Racketeering Suit, etc….. The loan was assumed and not foreclosed.

Chicago Title is now in our building.

This is a copy of the deed where TFCU gave the property to Gulf Coast as what has to be a RICO Enterprise payoff.

See Bay County Official Records Book 1216, page 1087 for Quit Claim Deed from Tyndall Federal Credit Union to Gulf Coast Title & Abstract of Panama City, Inc. dated 01.19.89 conveying Lot 38, Block 2, Washington Heights Subdivision.  1430 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, FL.

A person is as good as their word.


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