Condo built on 1000′ Gulf Front Park


On March 17, 1988 Florida Title Insurance, Inc. at 1430 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Florida was illegally seized for not selling assets in contract prepared by Hess to a Chicago Title Agent, Gulf Coast Title, owned by H.B. James and Michael Sharp.  Chicago Title, owned by Fidelity who now owns Industrial Valley Title who was our underwriter at the time and the one that insured the Conversion of the Public Park, is now in our building.  Their parent company has tried to monopolize the title industry and many others.  I believe they gave New Century a contract to only turn down 2.5 percent of their loans regardless of income verification issues and fraud.  There is a 500 page report.  I believe Fidelity, Chicago Title, Lawyers Title, St. Joe Company, ran out the competition to shore up their scheme to defraud us on a major scale. Time tells and they even bought our underwriter that was there that day and in on the scheme due to their insurance of Edgewater Condos being built by Wesley Burnham and others on 1000′ of dedicated beach front “Park” in Gulf Shores 1st Addition, a plat that has been lost or misplaced by the Bay County, FL Clerk’s office.  Florida Title Insurance, Inc. had an exclusive agency agreement with Industrial Valley Title, then owned by Industrial Valley Bank of Philadelphia, PA. for Bay County, Florida and they went around us by allowing a Clearwater, FL company to write the insurance and overlook the fact that the Condo was being build on a Dedicated Park. When they got in trouble they came to us to bail them out and take over the project.  The first thing I found out was that it was built on the “Dedicated Park” and there was another “Park” on the other side of the existing Hwy. 98 that they moved so they could convert the “Public Parks!”

Fidelity National also provides On Core/Aptitude Services/American Pioneer/Fidelity National for the County Clerks’ Office Official Records.

New information, such as Magnetic Tape Backups and Documentation is now surfacing regarding the Edgewater Condos being built on the Dedicated Park.  It seems there might have been a little PAYOLA involved to certain individuals and some questionable Condo conveyances, ect…..

Now it seems Wes Burnham has a deal with the U.S. Navy to sell them $3 Million Dollars worth of property for “future use.”

I can’t wait to see all the details, but I bet they try to cover the facts up in that “DEAL”  too like they did with the Lynn Haven Air Force Fuel Depot they gave to TYNDALL DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS, LLC  for compensation on the contract for construction at Tyndall Air Force Base.  There is no way that could have been properly bid.


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  3. Posted by mt on June 25, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    I am so grateful to you for your expose on the situation, it is now happening all over north florida, no doubt starting where there was always a little loot, panama city. Thanks.


  4. Posted by mt on June 25, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    I have a story similar but on a smaller scale. One day we must compare notes.


    • If there is ever anything I can do to help someone that has been abused by the system that Panamaed me, trust me…..I will.
      Just call on me.


  5. Great work, check out for their property tax FRAUD!


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