Public Corruption #1 FBI Priority

Public corruption is a breach of trust by federal, state, or local officials—often with the help of private sector

accomplices.  The White Western Mens Club fits into that category, in my opinion.  There is a story about them and how I got the name “PANAMAED” a few pages down.

Public Corruption is also the FBI’s top criminal investigative priority.

This is the link to the best news I have seen in a while.

Please tell them you saw it here….maybe they will do something about all this.

My dad always said it was the Governments’ job to keep certain things from the public for their own good…….well for him that was for National Security Purposes Only, not this. He died in January of ’02 just after 911.

We sure aren’t being told who all is behind this and that there is corruption on both sides of the issue.

Lord Abbett Family Mutual Fund loaned ALL THE MONEY ON COUNTRY CROSSING, an illegal gaming establishment from the start, and had Millions in yearly payments “rolled into the loan.”

Google them and their Directors for a clue about who is doing what.

Then try Milton McGreggor and Birmingham Ex-Mayor Larry Langford, both Defendants in a Racketeering Suit in the Middle District of Alabama, together with a number of the Gaming Machine Companies.

This is not just about Gaming…….

This is about how far they will go to do just what they want…..again and again.

Ron Sparks, Alabama Governor Candidate, has been busted for taking a $500K loan from River Bank, who has board member Milton McGreggor, and not reporting it.

More Governmental Corruption involving Lobbyists, Mobsters, Politicians and Banks!


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