Google and Topix supports perverted stalkers

I Google “Panamaed” and “David W. Harbin” regularly to see what is being picked up by the “search engines” and was really surprised at what I found. UPDATE:  Google has revised the list to omit the ones I referred to.  I guess they do edit Google…but TOPIX still does not get it….but they will!

It seems they are also sponsoring the perverted death threatening stawperson sockpuppets that seem to be crooked rogue Law Enforcement Officers who are stalking me on Panama City News Topix.  Of the thousands of posts…….. the ones they choose are perverted and slanderous and always off-topic. It now seems that one of the stalkers is a 61 Year Old Female from Madison, Alabama.

This proves what they will do to shut someone up….and at all costs.

When they do this, you know you have them running scared.

Panamaed For County Commissioner – Topix

– 2 visits – Apr 16Mar 3, 2010 Panamaed for what?? Are they going to start having head jobs at the meetings. I vote for Panamaed. They say he gives the best. Guess even a moron like her…/TI4N3P02DVNC3V3SH


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  1. Posted by jacksoned on December 8, 2010 at 12:33 am

    hi there, just wanted to let you know how easy it is to get things erased. My friend made a profile and i clicked on it. when you click on it scroll all the way down and you will see in the columns of things “law enforcement” then all you get is a screen that says check here and swear you are a law enforcement blah blah, (i swear, try it) and then you can get ip addresses, and get things removed, and records. she went far enough to where she chickened out but was using interent at the truck stop in her car but i was amazed!!!! no wonder people are stonewalled and things are removed so easily. check it out. click on a profile of a person, go all the way down and click on law enforcement. i’m sure you probably know all this, i’m a little slow even if i am a computer toyota stalker 🙂 hope you doing good, give me a call sometime, jacksoned


  2. Dear Sir, I finally woke up and put your info on the website. Thank you for your work in combating the criminals!


    • There is so much that is being purposefully overlooked in Bay County and all around.

      Thank you for your venue to expose these MOBSTERS for what they really are.


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