Capitol Hill Blue Blued Me

It seems someone got to the Site Masters of Capitol Hill Blue.

This is the link:

They only want to Bash Bush. I just want to expose all.

First, they deleted the “Panamaed by the White Western Mens Club” discussion.

Then, they restricted me from even mentioning “THE CLUB!”

The last time I checked the  “Who totes the note at Country Crossing” discussion had more than 20,567 views, and I could see this one coming, considering the protests I got from the Site Masters all along the way.People are hungry for the truth and being starved by the media.

Then this morning I get this message:

Your account has been banned or locked. This is a permanent ban. If the Administrator has specified a reason for this ban, you will find it below.

Complete disregard of RR guidelines and moderator direction. Ignoring repeated warnings.

When I posted proof, they deleted it and when I responded they blocked me.

It seems someone got to them.

This is going on all over.  They are trying to change history and cover up the truth.

Could it be the “The Free State of Winston” story was too much for them, too?

The truth hurts these GOB”s!

Use it on them!

Skippy says perverted stalkers are posting comments and Smart City of Orlando and Miami is in on the cover-up, too.

They were real interested in the “Who Totes The Note At Country Crossing” story.


4 responses to this post.

  1. hi there hows it going


    • Going fine.

      The Capitol Hill Blue site banned Panamaed for exposing the White Western Mens Club and Governental Corruption that effected their buddies, I guess.

      It was their loss….not mine.

      Glad you commented here.



  2. I’ve got to hand it to you


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