FBI confirms investigation of DOT in Washington County

Public corruption is a breach of trust by federal, state, or local officials—often with the help of private sector accomplices. It’s also the FBI’s top criminal investigative priority.

Scroll down and you will find the link to the FBI site.

Can you say: “White Western Mens Club?”

The FBI has confirmed an investigation going on in Washington County involving the DOT.

Will it lead back to Bay County?

I pray it does.

This is just a little tip:

Wes asked me for proof, so I thought about it for a while to see what I might know that will help the FBI uncover the fraud and graft and this is just a little tip:

I hope they investigate the on-goings that began with the Clerk of the Courts directing Florida Department of Transportation Right-of-Way searches without bids to their GOB’s at their “Title Companies of Choice”. I did the searches for Airport Road, Back Beach Road and others so I do know what happened.

I also know for a fact that we tried to get some of these searches and were “shut out” of the process.

I know for a fact that through coercion of business these searches were directed to Panama Title, silently owned by Charles S. Isler, Jr who was the attorney for Bay Bank and St. Joe Company where they monopolized the Title Business. These searches were done by the company and the “INSIDER” information was turned over to a GOB Realtor who solicited all the owners on the “NEW ROAD” without their knowledge of the improvements coming.

I know for a fact that these profits funded the Panama Title Retirement Trust and a lot more, I am sure.

This has always been a problem for small businesses in this area….COERCION OF BUSINESS.

We had problems with many Realtors and Bay Bank (Charlie Isler), Commercial Bank (Tom Sale), Tyndall Federal Credit Union (Jerry Gerde), Peoples First (Joe Chapman), First Federal, Security Federal (Clinton Foster), and many others directing business to their Attorney, who got an “EXAMINATION FEE” or GOB’s companies when it was ILLEGAL and a direct conflict of interest and under the Florida Insurance Code was “COERCION OF BUSINESS” (Google that) when they told ours and probably others’ customers that we were not approved when we were and made them do business with their GOB’s. They deprived the unknowing consumers that paid the bill the right to choose the Title Company they wanted to do business with and fixed prices to boot.

This happens on a daily basis around these parts.


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