Topix News Site Supports Stalkers Why?

Since this post Topix has changed their format,  proving one can make a difference.

This post will delve into exactly why the Topix News Site allows non-registered users to post perverted, death threatening and libelous slander on their site and why!

It is very clear now that they support these stalkers to enhance their budget with the $19.99 Extortion Fee to have any abusive posts removed.

The “Report Abuse” section purposefully does not function.

The registered users are being edited out and their Free Speech Rights are being denied to contend with these perverted, death threatening, stawperson, sockpuppet, weasel, hacker, rogue crooked Law Enforcement Officers that post mindless drivel to divert from meaningful discussion of current events, past persecutions and historical facts.

These Stalkers, of which one includes a 61 Year Old Female from Madison, Alabama,  seem to have an agenda of prohibiting any discussion that may expose their Good Ole Boy network of evil and degradation of society as we once knew it.

The main purpose of Topix to edit out the comments of registered users is simple’:

They do it to prohibit the exposure of sensitive material that may expose these Treasonous Weasel Stalkers for what they are and to continually restrict the flow of Free Speech and the right to defend oneself against the abusive and libelous slander that is being perpetrated by these Stalkers.

Googlebots and other internet trolling information compiling systems are being averted by the omission of data for the purpose of denying the Free Speech Rights of Registered Subscribers and others.

The fact that these perverted “editors” are posting as non-registered users and change their user names more often than their drawers is a clear indication of their plight to avoid exposure and any civil retaliation for their knowing abuses.


There is a clear purpose of the idiots running the insane asylum that is know as Topix News.

Every town has one and they are all corrupted.

This is an interesting link also:

This is how CROOKED  Law Enforcement Officers control content and access info to stalk us.  Topix provides them with ready access to the information they need and they can misuse it any way they want.

I hope they keep a record of this…and honest Law Enforcement Officers are all over this!  There is some more info they are covering up, guys!  They are not above the law!

Law Enforcement – Topix

By checking the box below, you hereby represent and certify for Topix that you are a duly authorized member or officer of a local, county, state or federal law enforcement agency and writing in regarding a criminal matter. If your issue is a personal one, please use the feedback form here.

Please be advised that impersonating an officer is a crime and Topix will report the unauthorized use or intended misuse of this site to the appropriate state and federal law enforcement agencies for prosecution.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Daisy on July 31, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    I appreciate your efforts to expose corruption in Panama City, Florida.


  2. Posted by Daisy on August 15, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    Are you on facebook?


  3. Posted by Cosmo on November 29, 2010 at 8:10 am

    User editors of Topix are registered users, there are quite a few of them but normally only two post stories (Agent of Chaos and Radical Tim). The moderators are a different story-They are the ones that delete posts. I’ve had a few posts deleted on me but it was because of TOS violations.
    The REPORT ABUSE section does work, just not as fast as the so-called EXPRESS (I’m not going to pay $20 bucks to report an idiot, and I think you’re right about it being a type of extortion).
    I do admit most of the posts from unregistered users can be improved with the use of a delete and/or ignore button. Their off-topic rants can be irritating, I just ignore them.

    Never argue with an idiot, they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience

    Your point about Free Speech Rights makes sense but does not apply to a privately owned and run websites. It’s their baseball and field so they get to make the rules. Take a look at the TOS page.


    • Thanks Cosmo, I am glad you took the time out of your day to leave me a kindly comment.
      The purpose for the post on my blog was to be able to control the content….and ir WAS a hook to get the jerks off my back.
      They must have gotten the “WORD” to leave me alone, because they don’t post now…well almost don’t….one known as ‘Saddened by your post” continued for a while, but she gave in and gave reference to my blog as gospel.
      I still have one 61 year old woman stalking me from Madison, Alabama on Knology. She is at my site very regularly for extended periods of time.
      Knology seems to be where a lot of my trouble is coming in.
      Take care…and good posting…..


  4. Hit me up Panamaed


  5. There are some crooked folks in Pay County for sure! I have witnessed it firsthand for many years. The Law Enforcement Policies only apply to those that haven’t “contributed” or are in the “Inner Circle.” I have been threatened by local law enforcement a few times. Corruption here starts out at the lowly beat cop, and goes all the way to the Judges. Thanks for the info you publish here. Watch was happens in Panama City when Frank is voted out!


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