Supreme Court Appeal. Help, Elena Kagan.

What ever happened to the right to a jury trial?

I appealed my qui.tam. and Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act Case that never received a hearing, multiple requested oral arguments, discovery conference, seizure of assets of multiple defendants who failed to appear, exhumation of IRS Agent found dead just days after being served by US Marshals and the coroner was later convicted of murdering his wife,  to the Supreme Court.

They didn’t have to buy the Justices…..just a clerk.

The writ for certiorari that I filed by hand in Washington, D.C. at the Supreme Court was returned due to some spacing issues.

What ever happened to the days when you could file an appeal on toilet paper and be heard?

Maybe with Elena Kagan being appointed to the bench there might be a chance to get some long-due justice.

I will post the documents for the Appeal to the  11th Circuit Court of Appeals, the petition for a hearing en banc and the Supreme Court Appeal.

The main trust was not to get 1st Amendment rights as was just bestowed on the largest corporations so they could unduly influence our electoral system with their vast resources, but to get 5th Amendment rights for a corporation that was illegally seized by the United States Government and it was a family owned mom and pop small business partnership “FLORIDA TITLE” that also operated as a corporation “FLORIDA TITLE INSURANCE, INC.” and was denied due process, any hearings, bankruptcy protection and the other God granted inalienable rights granted to persons under the Constitution, Bill of Rights and other laws of the United States, Florida and Bay County.

The Racketeers, Monopolies, Lobbyists, Crooked Politicians, Federal, State and County Judges, and Crooked Attorneys perpetuate Governmental Corruption on a daily basis  in a variety of methods such as fraud, coercion, extortion, civil assault and undue influence.

United States Supreme Court Will Soon Issue a Landmark Decision on the Validity of the Constitution

ATLANTA, Nov. 13, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The United States Supreme Court will soon issue a landmark decision on the validity of the Constitution. The Supreme Court will consider three petitions filed by William M. Windsor, a retired Atlanta, Georgia grandfather. The decision should be rendered by the end of the year. Unless The Supreme Court acts, federal judges will be free to void the Constitution.

The Questions Presented to The Supreme Court by Grandfather Windsor are:

1. Will The Supreme Court declare that the Constitution and its amendments may be voided by federal judges?
2. Should federal judges be stopped from committing illegal and corrupt acts to obstruct justice and inflict bias on litigants?
3. Will The Supreme Court be afraid to disclose the corruption in the federal courts? … 13.CL01025

This is Bill Windsor’s site:

I am afraid it may now be official:

Maybe a Grand Jury Presentment is the answer….


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  1. Folks, do not believe in this bull*beep*.


    • The above comment is from one of my stalkers using this IP and hiding in Plaza, Panama:


      Facts are facts and they cannot refute them.

      There is no justice.


  2. Ed: Holler back at me.. Private discussion on these and similar matters is needed. Prefer not to have true identity published on the net for obvious reasons, let me know if there is an alternate resource that can be used for confidencial discussion.



  3. The pleasure is all mine Panamaed. Someone on the topix forum suggested that I contact you … well, if that someone ever does get up the gumption to check out this forum he will see that I have contacted you.

    Most everything that goes on, goes on in a presumption of one sort or another.. Presuming this and presuming that,, but really never knowing what the final outcome will be. At the pool table, the shark will tell you.. go ahead and shoot your best stick…

    Keep up the good work.


    • The best run I ever had on a pool table I had to cut short due to a lovely and fine lady that I was with and neglecting… is just a matter of priorities.

      I didn’t ask for this mess, it just followed me……caught up to me…….and now the object in the rear-view mirror is larger than it appeared.

      You should hear the rest of the story on the lady from “Pandora’s Wreck!”

      There are sure some weird ties that somethng or someone, somewhere and somehow put together for a reason.


  4. Completely I share your opinion. In it something is and it is good idea. I support you.

    gry dla dzieci
    | gry smieszne


  5. I am William M. Windsor. The story about The Supreme Court is mine. It is true. I have proof of it all, and the story on is a tiny portion of the story. I have proof of rampant corruption with the federal courts in Atlanta and with the Clerk of the District Court’s office. I have proof of perjury, subornation of perjury, obstruction of justice, and much more. These are all crimes, and they have all been committed by judges while hiding behind their robes. If then citizens of our country had any idea that we no longer have the key protections of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we would have a revolution. I’m not looking to incite a revolution, but if this judicial corruption is not made a major issue by all of us little people, our children and grandchildren might as well be living in North Korea or Communist countries. Please pass this story along because the mainstream media refuses to cover it out of fear of the judges. Thank you. And if you have any questions about anything that I have written, just email me. I have proof of everything.


    • Thanks, Bill, I support you as do many of my friends. We understand what it is you have had to endure.

      Maybe you can make it easier for the next plaintiff.

      Lord knows we need some relief!


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  7. I would not count on the Supreme Court of the United States taking any action that would prosecute white-collar criminals, judges, or lawyers as well as politicians. We have become a nation of corporate fraud where our courts presided over the land of the scam and the home of the fraud was a benefit of corporate America and it’s lying lawyers who have sold out this nation to special interests Mafia / gangster influence corporations . CEOs who have no loyalty to the United States, its people, or the laws of this nation are only motivation is personal financial wealth at any cost.
    The 200+ movies that secret Chronicle this. Thanks for the opportunity to speak, we need to raise an army of concerned citizens to take back our country.


    • Maybe that is true, but I just can’t believe we have lost all hope yet.

      Maybe I am an idiot waiting for another response, when there will be none.


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