Chicago Title Bails

The property at 1430 Harrison Avenue which has been a matter of dispute for quite some time has been abandoned by Chicago Title, owned by Fidelity who has monopolized the Title Insurance Industry.  They also own Lawyers Title Insurance Company who was affiliated with Panama Title and Charles S. Isler, Jr. who had links to St. Joe Company, Bay Bank and Board Member/Racketeering Bookie James Maulden.
This is the property that Florida Title Insurance, Inc. purchased from Tyndall Federal Credit Union and where I almost died while renting it just prior to the closing.

I believe Tyndall Federal Credit Union’s attorney, Jerry Gerde, was instrumental in some key elements of a conspiracy and their complicity involving RACKETEERING INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS ACT VIOLATIONS, FRAUD, EXTORTION, CIVIL ASSAULT, POSSIBLE MURDER OF AN IRS AGENT AND A COVER-UP, AND MANY OTHER OVERT ACTS!

Please read the “White Western Mens Club Runs Panama City” story for the details and make up your own mind.

Also go to this link and see how corrupt the coroners’ office was that did the autopsy of what I believe was murdered IRS Agent Russell Raymond Ervin:

I spent most of my time before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals explaining the shoddy investigation of the IRS Inspector’s Office and pleading for an independent autopsy.  It all fell on deaf ears and a lowly Supreme Court clerk blocked my appeal.  I guess it is cheaper to buy a clerk than a Justice.

This is just a little snapshot of who was involved:

It seems all the Mobster merged according to this link:

Chicago Title bails on 1430 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Florida


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