The “Joe Francis Girls Gone Wild” case may turn out to be more monumental than one case Panama City is notorious for…..The Gideon Case.

Clarence Earl Gideon was a drifter convicted of petty theft from a pool hall; at the trial he was denied a lawyer. His appeal to the Supreme Court was accepted, and the decision ordered that lawyers be provided in all criminal cases. Gideon’s conviction was not overturned, but he was to be tried again.

W. Fred Turner was Gideon’s lawyer in this second trial. By destroying the credibility of the prosecution’s key witness through exposing contradictions with other eyewitnesses and the witness’s self-admittedly false statements (such as about his prior criminal record), Turner won an acquittal for Gideon but Justice in Panama City did not improve much.

In the Francis case, the Federal Judge Richard Smoak and his ex-law partners did everything, including incarceration, intimidation, threats of contempt, $2,500 contempt fine and other means to prevent Joe Francis from representing himself and his Corporations Constitutional Rights, but in the end a jury of his peers redeemed Joe Francis,

I hope Joe’s case doesn’t end up just bragging rights like Gideons AND PAYBACK IS TENFOLD!!


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