Is Center Stage Alabama A Country Crossing Redo


Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Daily Headlines
Country Crossing Boards Struggle to Keep Project Alive
26 Sep 2011 6:42 PM
“The Project is definitely on life support”, said Gary Sherrer, Lawyer for the Improvement and Cooperative District Boards of the Country Crossing project(there has been no official name change of the boards) Those words set the tone for a meeting of the two boards that lasted almost two full hours.

First up was the election of new officers, for the Improvement District, Alan Clark Chairman, Dr. Henry Barnard II Vice Chairman and Chase Givens Sec./Treasurer. The cooperative District named  Rochester Johnson as Chairman, Molly Dulac Vice Chairman, Tim Hawkins Secretary, and Chase Givens Treasurer.

Then it was on to business, the financial were of course the main topic and to make it short and sweet,  the Improvement District had $79,400.00 in revenue from assessments and their expenses were $153,000.00 over revenues. The cooperative District had revenues 0f $29,000.00 and expenses were $8125.00 more than revenues.

Now, when the first bonds were issued there was a fund set aside of several million dollars that would be used during the construction and start-up phase of the project to insure that the interest payments on the bonds were made, that fund has over $1 million dollars still in it, and it is that money that is keeping things alive, for the moment. There is a bond payment due in November, and it will just about clean out the account, but wait, Lord Abbott, the bond holder is in court fighting the State of Alabama on behalf of the bonds. It is their contention that the State has caused the devaluation of the bonds, by closing or causing the closing of the Bingo Hall which was the main source of revenue. This was discussed by the boards because Lord Abbott has tapped into the reserve fund, which is money owed them anyway, to take out $500,000.00 for legal fees. Some board members had questions about that.

Center Stage Executives Under Investigation for Rape

CEO of Center Stage, Jeff Rubin and Vice President of Operations, Mike Kneuer were arrested Monday night for drug charges.

Sheriff Andy Hughes says the rape allegations were reported by a female employee at Center Stage Sunday.

Deputies with the Houston County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant at Possum Hollar Monday night.

Marijuana and controlled substances were found on the property.

Rubin and Kneuer were booked into the Houston County Jail just after 10:00 p.m.

They made bond about two hours later.

Rubin is charged with Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Kneuer is charged with Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia.

Sheriff Andy Hughes says the investigation is ongoing.

Center Stage to officially open Friday

Facility will include 500 to 600 new electronic bingo machines

Center Stage Alabama, formerly Country Crossing, is expected to open Friday at 4:00 pm.  It will mark the first time the development has operated since it was shut down 17 months ago.

Vendors and others who have been inside the development say there are gaming machines there—perhaps around 600 of them. It is not immediately known how many of the machines will be operational when Center Stage opens.

Amid reports Center Stage Alabama plans to offer electronic gambling when it reopens this weekend the office of Attorney General Luther Strange issued the following statement.”

“It is the position of the AG’s office that the various constitutional amendments on the subject of bingo allow only the traditional form of the game of bingo with all of its elements of human skill intact, as the Alabama Supreme Court has made clear.  Bingo cannot be played on a slot machine, period.  It is illegal to possess slot machines for any purpose in the State of Alabama and this office will enforce the law.

Moreover, the Alabama Supreme Court has repeatedly made clear that local authorities cannot legalize any variations from the traditional game of bingo. The local amendments do not legalize bingo as a business either, much less for profit casinos.

In general, the local amendments are designed simply to authorize churches and charities to use their own volunteers to run the traditional form of the game.  This office will enforce the law.  We will make sure that slot machines are not being operated, that only the traditional form of bingo is offered, and that any bingo that is offered is operated exclusively by and for a charity and in strict compliance with each and every requirement of the Houston County Amendment, as the law requires.”

“SHOW ME” …….Is Conway Entertainment coming?;_ylt=Anp22tTirloVriGvKVSmpvhDubYF?slug=jc-cole_nfl_players_gaming_investments_061611

IT SEEMS COUNTRY CROSSING HAS A NEW ALIAS……CENTER STAGE ALABAMA……. and has been taken over by some even more unsavory characters who have set up BOGUS Facebook Accounts….among other things………Jeffrey Brett Rubin and Michael Ryan Kneuer seem to be behind it all.

In the Secretary of State of Alabama’s Office when running “Center Stage Alabama” I found:

Business Entity Search By Name

No matches found.

Just checked and they have finally registered:

Business Entity Details

Center Stage Alabama, Inc.
Entity Type Domestic Corporation
Place of Formation Alabama
DOTHAN, AL 36301
Status Name Reservation – Active
Issue Date 6-28-2011
Expiration Date 10-27-2011

You might want to check this out:

Jeffrey Bret Rubin, age 40

Jeffrey Bret Rubin
Jeffrey J Rubin
Jeffery Rubin
Miami, FL
Coral Springs, FL
Golden Beach, FL
Boca Raton, FL

Michael Ryan Kneuer
Mike R Kneuer
Michael Ryan Knever
Mike Knever
York, PA
Deerfield Beach, FL
Boca Raton, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
It seems Eagle Investments  may now be in charge….is that  J. Keith Givens of Cochran, Cherry, Givens and Smith.

This certainly is not going away:



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by annoymoose on June 2, 2011 at 1:50 am

    paranoia, paranoia, everybody’s coming to get me

    you’re pretty nuts, you know that, right?


    • There has been a number of stories about Country Crossing changing it’s name to Center Stage Alabama…….but nothing about who EXACTLY is in charge.

      They aren’t coming to get you any more than before.

      Didn’t you see who this Rubin Character works for?

      AND wasn’t this Kneuer character Ronnie’s Security at Bama Jam?


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