Michelle Renee Rose, formerly Michelle Renee Woods drowns in Bay County, Florida

Michelle Renee Rose, 42, of 611 Kentucky Ave., Lynn Haven, Florida.

It seems she was married to Rives Merritt Allen in ’05 but she was identified as “Michelle Renee Rose” by the authorities.

Anyone having any information about this suspicious and tragic death is asked to please let me know…..I sure don’t trust the authorities.

This is not the first life lost to a suspicious drowning around the Panama City, Florida area lately.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I have been curious about her death and there seems to be no follow up story in the news. Now another person ,a man, was found on the beach with similar circumstances. Clothes left on the shore,no visible trauma,etc. Eerie to say the least.


    • There is a lot more to these suspicious deaths….and many, many more…
      The Panama City News Herald whose editor is Michael Cazalas and the Local Law Enforcement Officers are in on the coverups, too.


  2. I will like to see what happens, and all the scandals that are uncovered when Frank is voted out. An honest sheriff is what Pay County needs.


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