It seems Alan Bense’s “socially challenged” sister is Dr Judith A Bense is Dean at UWF…..not that there is anything wrong with that…..not at all……HEHEHE…….. No wonder he and she have hands in $35M BP FUND PER FLORIDA LEGISLATION!!! University of West Florida’s Office of Economic Development and Engagement, ENTERPRISE FLORIDA, INC., RICK SCOTT, ALAN BENSE AND OTHERS HAVE HIJACKED OUR MONEY!!! More info coming soon on and I will be identifying my perverted, death threatening stalker and you will see why they stalk me on Panama City News Topix. I have been uncovering and posting information on some very suspicious deaths that I truly believe are murders. The MEDIA is in on their coverup, too, and the Panama City News Herald is CENSORING comments to protect these “PEOPLE!” FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! This STALKER has been visiting my site so much it is really strange….and who he trying to protect is even stranger. WHY DOES GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT, THE FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT, THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, LAW ENFORCEMENT AND TOPIX ALLOW THIS CRIMINAL AND DOMESTIC TERRORIST BEHAVIOR TO CONTINUE? DEATH THREATS AND SICK PERVERTED SLANDER!! ANY ATTORNEYS WANT TO MAKE A BUCK??? I HAVE AN EXCELLENT STALKING CASE AGAINST THESE PERVS…AND ALL THE DATA TO BACK IT UP.

The last time I saw Alan Bense was in the Office of Joe Chapman at now defunct Peoples First, Panama City, Florida with Rev. J.W. Hunt, Walter Abbott and my other two partners in Junction Station, Inc., a Truck Stop project  that was planned for 27 Acres on the Northeast Corner of Highway 231 and Highway 20.  I realized this project was just a scam to rip off the owner when the appraisal, done by Peoples’ in-house appraiser Abbott Appraisal Associates, came in at only $83K.  Just a small parcel on the corner was worth that much…..much less the 27 Acres of Hwy 231 and Hwy 20 frontage.

I believe they were all in on this scam with Harry Sanders who owned the Hardees franchise that was located at the poorly planned and landlocked BP Truck Stop at the ole Pinetree Bar location.  Harry Sanders was one of the 12 members of the White Western Men’s Club that meets at Plichers’ Lodge on White Western Lake…..everything they decide there each third Thursday night happens Friday morning!


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One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Howard Z on December 16, 2011 at 11:41 am


    I wanted to thank you for sharing your stories and information. I was an Air Force brat who was born at Tyndall, although I only stayed there as a toddler before we moved. I came back to attend Rutherford High School and I always felt there was something not-quite-right about PC. Mega-churches abound as they do everywhere in the South, but at the same time Bay County’s tourism industry suggested that the town was all about drinking, drugging and strip bars. I learned in my teens that Tommy Thomas the care dealer, had a past life as a grand wizard in the KKK. Bay County always seemed to be hiding some secrets.

    I recently came back to Bay County this year to stay with a friend and was astounded to find that PCB—despite its conservative TDC—is mired in the meth epidemic. I’ve never seen so many young people working on the beach who were so constantly high—maybe I just never noticed. It was startling to see that in spite of a ghost of a Downtown area, strip clubs like the long-standing Toy Box sit untouched by the economy.

    The same time I was there, a car dealer was found floating in his swimming pool. The News-Herald—which my friend told me is part of a newspaper syndicate which basically has a monopoly on the entire Northwest Florida market—failed to investigate the death further, although it seems completely suspicious. My friend said to me that she was told of a small group of “influentials” that ran things in town that one dared not cross. She assumed that he was in a bad way with them and dared not say anything more.

    Here on your blog, you have touched on another body found in the water from late last summer. Now, I’ve read about another strange death reported on the News-Herald. It’s crazy stuff, so I’m glad that you are discussing your experiences with it. Since learning of the Dixie Mob and their influence throughout the area, I will never look at Bay County or the Gulf Coast in quite the same way again.


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