As you can see from my blogsite I am being stalked on PANAMA CITY NEWS TOPIX  http://www.topix.com/city/panama-city-fl       by a large group of  NEFARIOUS PSYCHOPATHS that use perverted libelous comments, death threats and innuendos, and attacks involving “HATE SPEECH'” to try to discourage my FREE SPEECH to convey the truth about the events portrayed in this blog and by my presence on TOPIX.

This is just one little retort:

[QUOTE who=”GMan”]Sure it has been. And I see you removed your picture again from the reg name that was unreg and then according to you stolen then put back then you lost it and used it and ……. No wonder you are such an idiot you don’r even know who you are. Those shock treatments at the state mental hospital must have not worked. Hey I do know where a new green sign is though. Quit drooling it is close to your cave.[/QUOTE]

So….it seems all this stalking ties back to TYNDALL FEDERAL CREDIT UNION and the SURPLUS ABANDONED PROPERTY I PURCHASED FROM THEM AT 1430 HARRISON AVE, PANAMA CITY, FL where TFCU’s crooked attorney AND his partners allowed MOBSTER interest to illegally convert TFCU MEMBERS’ property to their own use.

That was just one of three major reasons the MOB came after me.

One involved the White Western Men’s Club, Rev. J.W. Hunt, with the same attorney as TFCU, Harry Sanders, who owned the Hardee’s Franchise and the BO Truck Stop thingy, H.B. James, who was the Chicago Title Agent, IRS Agent Russell R. Ervin, who was found dead just days after being served by US Marshals as Defendant in a Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act Suit and who helped Chicago Title illegally acquire Florida Title through COERCION and EXTORTION TACTICS when they would not sell to CHICAGO TITLE AGENT, Bert Davenport and the Eleven other members of the White Western Men’s Club which still RUNS PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA.  This was all over the deal to steal 27 Acres on the NE Corner of HWY 231 and HWY 20, Bay County, Florida from the owner in a scam involving Junction Station, Inc. and a BOGUS “STOCK PURCHASE AGREEMENT” that was prepared by Davenport, Johnston, Harris and Gerde.  I saved the owner from having his property stolen at great expense to myself!

The second reason was the illegal conversion of 1000′ of dedicated PUBLIC GULF FRONT PART to build EDGEWATER CONDOS by Wes Burnham and City Iron Works.  The TITLE WORK was done by a CLEARWATER AREA COMPANY in violation of an EXCLUSIVE AGENCY AGREEMENT WITH INDUSTIRAL VALLEY TITLE, now owned by the FIDELITY GROUP MONOPOLY, and when they had problems they attempted to have FLORIDA TITLE take over the project that was built on PUBLIC PARKS!

The third reason, also involving TYNDALL FEDERAL UNION, was regarding the fact I got shocked due to the negligence of TFCU and DIEBOLD when moving a metal container that had been left under the Drive Thru Teller Machine loose with 220 Volt 50 Amp wires hidden inside that were not visible. This happened while I was RENTING the TFCU Building JUST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO CLOSING. SEEMS THIS COULD HAVE BEEN A TRAP DUE TO ALL THE OTHER QUESTIONABLE ACTIONS INVOLVED IN THIS SUSPICIOUSLY CORRUPTED SCENARIO OF A PLAN INVOLVING MANY ILLEGAL OVERT ACTS OF RACKETEERING ON BEHALF OF THE HUGE “ENTERPRISE!”

Those are just a few PROBLEMS I ran into during that short period of time around 1986 at Florida Title Insurance, Inc.

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