More Fidelity National Monopolistic Practices Exposed

Do you remember back in the ’70’s when a local Panama City, Florida attorney sat on the board of the bank represented that bank and the largest land owner in Bay County and coerced all the business to his “silently owned” title company and he and his partners received an “examination fee” for looking at the case file and it was overlooked by all the authorities…..of course most all the Federal Judges came from that same firm…..and some are still on the bench.

This is just a part of what is wrong with the tactics of Fidelity National Title Group to monopolize the Title Insurance Industry and pimp out the OFFICIAL RECORDS.
First Fidelity National Title Insurance Company and all of the many subsidiary companies such as Chicago Title Insurance Company (whose Agent H. B.James’ Gulf Coast Title , with others and Government assistance, “PANAMAED” Florida Title), Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation, Commonwealth, American Pioneer, Pioneer National, Ticor Title Insurance, Industrial Valley Title Insurance Company, ect, ect, ect…..ran all the mom and pop businesses out of business, forced them out, bought them out or froze them out with coercion of business practices that violate State and Federal Law……NOW THIS:

Fidelity Software Licenses Were Really Illegal Kickbacks, Suit Claims
June 06 2012 (subscription)
Last Friday, a federal class action suit was filed against Fidelity National Financial and several of its title insurance and other settlement service subsidiaries, alleging violations of RESPA. The lawsuit alleges that Fidelity disguised millions of dollars in illegal kickbacks to real estate companies as software license fees, in a scheme that lasted nearly a decade.
By subscription only:


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