The Private Investigator on Tonya Mullins case speaks…AND NEEDS TO CONTACT THE DAY FAMILY.

First, it has been a very long time and the family and I have exhausted all of our efforts to bring this case to closure. It was evident that every aspect to this tragic case was examined and re-examined. I became very ill after our investigation, I underwent severe cardiac problems and now I have total kidney failure, I now undergo dialysis 5 days a week.
My heath is not well, but, still I continue to examine and re-examine every part of the investigation. What everyone does not know is the first much of the physical evidence was virtually gone. No clothing, blood spatter,and so on were gone. I can tell you this, I was very skeptical about this entire case from the beginning. I read FHP reports, medical examiner reports and every report that was available to me and my office.
I had to reconstruct the entire crime scene from glossy colored photo’s. I do believe that FHP should have immediately had a breath alcohol test o blood test on Chris Montgomery, that is my opinion and mine alone. This was considered a traffic fatality, and, these test should have been done. A beret was found at the scene, not by law enforcement, but by the family when they arrived at the scene. The hair beret has hair fibers still attached to the hair beret, it was my opinion that this beret hair fibers were found with roots from the scalp. This beret was found I believe some 20-25 feet from the point of impact. How did it get there. A theory was that it was possible that a confrontation may have taken place prior to the accident. It was found outside the garage door about 3-4 feet from the door. I also questioned the blood spatter found on he wheel well next to the running boards. I wanted to examine the clothing that Tanya was wearing that night for any valuable evidence, I was told it was destroyed, why ? I had documented all of this inconsistencies in a very long report as well as a letter to then Gov. Charlie Crist. You now that out come of that.
I have sat back and read many of the comments, opinions and so forth, but the only one who hold the key to this case is Chris Montgomery. I will never put this case down, I will always hunt for information. After all this is not Montgomery’s first rodeo.


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