It ended with this

Coroner: Bellinger overdosed on Benadryl



It began with Ralph Stacy who was said to have committed “suicide” at the offices of Business Council of Alabama which included Bill Canary, whose wife Leura Canary was the US Attorney and Neal Wade, who was sent there by JOE COMPANY and returned to JOE and now runs the Bay County Economic Development Alliance after BCEDA was plagued with corruption, mismanagement, and fraud and worked to establish  FLORIDA’S GREAT NORTHWEST, INC, where he just resigned as Treasurer. and FLORIDA’S COASTAL NORTHWEST COMMUNICATIONS COUNCIL, INC. who was earmarked to receive $30 Million Dollars of Florida’s share of BP proceeds and is now being investigated after the death of Mark Bellinger.

Mark Bellinger learned all the angles from someone on how to steal $1.4 Million Dollars of Public Funds…..WHO????

There is a lot more to this story and it involves ENTERPRISE FLORIDA, INC. and many others.

We couldn’t trust the auditors or examiners then and we shouldn’t trust them now and it seems the Clerk of Courts collect and disburse the Bed Tax Funds.


Did Larry Dale Norris of Lewis Communications have any connections to the ADEM and the BROWNFIELD CLEANUP SUPERFUND SCAM?
Isn’t that where ENTERPRISE FLORIDA, INC. got their original funding?


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  1. One BIG bunch of CRIMINALS!


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