This is a composition piece which will describe in detail the facts known to be true in the multiple murders, suspicious deaths ruled “suicides,” the reasons for them, the parties who benefited and other information that should have been or should be presented by the main stream media, Law Enforcement, a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR AND A SPECIAL GRAND JURY!

The suspicious deaths and murders of these parties will be detailed and these are just a few links to some discussions that many have done everything they could to cover up:

IRS Agent Russell Raymond Ervin

IRS Agent Richard McCullum

Robert Shawn Ellison-

Law Enforcement now has information regarding  who the murderer is and why this brutal murder happened and they are still calling it a “cold case” as they did just days after it happened. I hear they even know who supplied the murder weapon. Why would they chose intimidate witnesses and their family? What are the helping hide?

If an arrest is not made shortly I will disclose all the facts, who all the players are and  detail their roles and purposes.


W. Edwin Lane, Jr.

Shannon Evans Farooqui-

I had to password protect my post on this subject due to direct threats by Jason Posey, but that does not change the facts.

Tonya Day Mullins

Why does the firm “SPIEGEL & UTRERA, P.A.” keep popping up in many of my searches?

Lowell Kelly

Man drowns in Cook Bayou….Guatamalian

JOHN W. MC BROOM…SPECIAL FORCES….drowns in Watson Bayou.

James Cook jumps off PCB Policemans’ boat and drowns….found dead days later in East Bay around Stone Container.

Homeless man drowns by Courthouse.

Michele Haley

If you have any to add, please let me know and you can remain anonymous.


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