2009 Case – 5 Children Brutally Raped

2009 Case – 5 Children Brutally Raped




http://www.lakexposed.com/?p=4374          ……..Blog at LakeXposed  44 page summary

http://www.lakexposed.com/?page_id=250   …….911 Caller Reports 5 Child Rapes

http://www.lakexposed.com/?page_id=109   …….2009 case Five Child Brutually Raped

911 call reporting Multiple Rapes / 09191988-REDACTED-1  11-21-2009

NEWS REPORT 02-04-2010    Channel 13 News Tampa Bay

Once the news broke about the rapes that occurred 2 1/2 months earlier, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office led by Gary Borders began investigating. Sheriff Borders has been closely connected to the Ranch as an “Advisory Board Member” since the opening of the Ranch in 1989. Furthermore, the Ranch received millions of dollars in government and private funding on a yearly basis. Bridges of America owned the Ranch which is the same group who operate “The Prison Ministry.”

Big money, corporate officers, elite sponsors and the personal involvement of Sheriff Gary Borders with the Ranch for over (20) years; crippled the justice system by manipulating any and all investigations into the rapes of (5) innocent children. The justice system failed miserably in protecting the victims of this atrocity. Instead, the network of the Sheriff’s Office, Lake County Commission, State Attorney’s Office, Department of Children & Families, FDLE, and even the office of Governor Rick Scott; created a gauntlet by dropping a judicial shield on the Green Isle Ranch in order to conceal exposure.

Investigations remained dormant  until the story broke on February 04, 2010. Local news agencies Channel 6, 9, and 13 reported on the brutal rapes of five (5) innocent children at the Ranch; {2 1/2} months after placing the 911 call to the Sheriff’s Office on 11-21-2009.

2009 Sheriff’s Office Investigation Part 1

2009 Sheriff’s Office Investigation Part 2

2009 Sheriff’s Office Investigation Part 3

Governor Scott & Lake County’s Network on Covering Up the Rapes

Green Isle Lawsuit – Morgan & Morgan  One victim steps forward

The Islander (Ranch News Letter) – Summer 2009 – Board Member Sheriff Gary Borders 

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” In this case it demands a criminal probe throughout the entire 5th Judicial Circuit, FDLE and the Department of Children & Family Services.

Green Isle Ranch 77 Page Summary

The Multiple Rapes are Covered Up / 23 Page Summary – CLICK HERE

2009 Corporate Filing   Green Isle Children’s Ranch

Julia Law P.A. is the Corporate Secretary of the Green Isle Ranch. She is also the wife of Lake County State Circuit Judge William Law. Julia Law also provides attorney services for the extended family of FDLE Special Agent Michael Giddens ( former Lake County Deputy and FDLE Agent in charge of Lake County) and current Lake County Sheriff legal assistant, Valeri Giddens Judy. Valeri Judy serves under the sheriff’s attorney, Patricia Tierney Gross,  who is married to William “Bill” Gross; Assistant State Attorney serving under State Attorney Bradley Eugene King representing the 5th Judicial Circuit of Florida.

5th Judicial Circuit Judge William Law, Jr.  Husband of Julia Law / Board Secretary

2000 Rape Case of a 9 year old Child at the Ranch (2001 CA 000729) 

Judge Law presides over the Double Rape case involving the Ranch in 2001

2001 Media Coverage of 9 year victim being raped @ the Ranch

“Green Isle Children’s Ranch attempted to conceal the atrocities.”

“Lawsuit filed in state Circuit Court in Lake County(Judge Law: presiding)

“Green Isle staffers induced the parents to return the child” (assaulted a 2nd time)

“Ranch employees told the parents such sexual incidents were common or expected occurrences of adolescents”

“Lake County Detective Vaneese Collins began investigating the sexual battery complaint last fall. The case remains open, and no arrests have been made.”

Similarities with the 2009 case; The article was written on March 14, 2001, five months had passed w/o an arrest and the investigation remained dormant. Media broke the story when the lawsuit was filed, triggering exposure of the rapes and the suppression of investigating. The same individuals within the judicial circle were present in the 2001 case as they are in the 2009 case. This time (5) rapes occurred at the same Ranch which Gary Borders (now Sheriff Borders) is an Advisory Member along with Julia Law @ Secretary.

2001 Rape Case File is Ordered Destroyed  by the Clerk of Court on 10-06-2011

With investigations heating up, the timing was “covenient” in destroying the 2001 civil case

In a seperate incident: Julia Law’s husband, Judge William Law, is serviced by court bailiff Derek Lynn Deland. Deland is a Lake County Deputy/Bailiff who took in over $ 100,000 in fraudulent disaster claims in 2007 & 2008. The deputy remains at large, nolle prosequi.

Julia Law Elected to the Board as Secretary   2003

Florida Governor Rick Scott Lies

Florida government is not held accountable. FDLE was tapped by Gov. Rick Scott to investigate the child rapes. Sheriff Gary Borders long known acquaintance, FDLE Tom Berlinger in Tallahassee, was placed in charge to investigate along with FDLE Special Agent in charge of Lake County; Michael A. Giddens. A “full circle and political network” feverishly worked to discharge the heinous crimes of (5) children raped.

Lake County Commission Advertises Green Isle @ Child Service Provider  Page 27

Even after the history of Brutal Rapes and Child Abuse at the Ranch

Lake County School Board – Fl. Dept. of Ed. & McKay Scholarship recommend Green Isle

http://dailycommercial.com//033109greenisle   March 2009 media coverage

Julia Law, Green Isle Board member, ”There is no facility like this in the community.”

5th Circuit State Attorney’s Office; “previous accusations were deemed unfounded”

Brad King is the State Attorney for the 5th Judicial Circuit for the State of Florida

“Green Isle Foundation/Children’s Ranch was founded in 1987 by professionals who worked in the criminal justice system.” Sheriff Gary Borders is one of the Founding Members and works closely with the Ranch.

http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2010-02-04/news/os-sex-abuse-allegations-lake-school-teen20100204_1_abuse-allegations-investigates News of the Child Rapes

http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2010-03-05/news/os-green-isle-ranch-closes-20100305_1_rancid-food-facility-green-isle-ranch  News of the Ranch Closing

Ranch News  Part 1    Media Archives

Ranch News Part 2     Media Archives

Green Isle Children’s Ranch Closes    Bridges of America closes the Ranch in 2010

Ranch is SOLD 

ADT Security Lien for Closed Circuit TV Installation Installed after the 5 rapes

Unsecured Claims involving # 8 John Does – $ 1,143,015.38 Page 7

Document located within the Assignment of Mortgage filed in Orange County, Fl.

Ranch Deed & Fictitious Name filed by Julia Law PA.

Judge William Law’s wife and Ranch Board Member (Julia Law). Sheriff Borders is also an Advisory Board member for over (20) years with the Ranch.

Ranch Site Plan & 2010 Lake County Commission Ordinance

Reviews of Former Ranch Guests

Citrus Tower Sponsors Coin Drop for the Ranch

Community Foundation of South Lake Sponsorship

South Lake Sponsored Events

Mission Inn Ranch Sponsor

CEO Charles Brown @ the Ranch

Ranch News 1993 {2 Year Required Stay} by CEO Don Brown

Heart House Ministries

Eddie Judge: Assistant Director of Green Isle Children’s Ranch

Linda Pollard: Office Manager of Green Isle Children’s Ranch

Inspire Women in Business – Focus International of South Lake 

Eddie Judge: Assistant Director, Green Isle Children’s Ranch

Annie Armstrong: Chef, Green Isle Children’s Ranch

Green Isle Children’s Ranch Academy, Clermont, Florida



One response to this post.

  1. What an incredible story and thank you for posting this Mr. Harbin, the public needs to know what happened at the Green Isle Children’s Ranch dubbed “The Pedofile Ranch” located in Lake County Florida.

    I see where Brad King, the 5th District State Attorney for Lake County who allegedly prosecuted one of the Green Isle Rapists known as Tyler Anthony Jackson, has visited Panamaed and LakeXposed from his taxpayer issued computer. According to I.P. address, which belongs to Brad King, says it all.

    The lawless law are not the only ones with highly sophisticated devices; technology is a wonderful tool.

    The unprosecuted Child Rapes at the Green Isle Ranch must be stirring havoc as Brad King has called upon his close pal to join him in breaking another federal law.

    F.B.I. Agent Martin “Marty” Egan has been placing intimidating phone calls to F.B.I. informants in recent weeks in order to “sway” their statements on the facts of the Green Isle RAPE victims and the protected RAPIST Tyler Anthony Jackson.

    Protection provided by F.B.I. agent Marty Egan and State Attorney Brad King towards Lake County’s pedofile Sheriff Gary Borders and his Board Membership of the Pedofile Ranch (Green Isle) has also been confirmed.

    Mr. Harbin, more leads are developing every day on the history of unprosecuted CHILD RAPES at the Ranch spanning a 20 year period. Full time private investigators are closing in on the Paul Harvey and everything will be out of the closet soon. Currently, the Pedofile Ranch (Green Isle) is shaping up to become a Rape to Order escort service by influential business people and the social elite concealed by prosecutors, law enforcement, DCF, and Tallahassee government officials.

    If there is a bright light in the saga of the Child RAPE VICTIMS, many are now adults. That means, they can and will be contacted for a full testimony of their horrowing events.

    Justice failed each victim for 20 years but as the Brad Kings, Marty Egans and Gary Borders of the world know all too well; RAPE is a capital offense which means: statutes of limitations don’t mean “bo-dittle-ly in the case of the Pedofile Ranch (Green Isle).

    The Sandusky Rapes at Penn State are tragic, any child RAPE is; but the REPEATED and UNPROSECUTED CHILD RAPES at the GREEN ISLE CHILDREN”S RANCH aka GREEN ISLE FOUNDATION spanning 20 YEARS makes Sandusky look like an amateur.


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