Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Complaint upon Sandra Rena Wilson, Deputy Chief of Clearwater P.D.





Sandra R Wilson Perjury Investigation EI-11-0034

Happy Birthday Convict Bob, today you are 63…..or maybe not…..


When you turn 911 around on THEM what do you get?


Sheriff Gary “The Lake County Jail Rapist” Borders gets Sued for Violating the Law.

I have been informed that the Sandra Rena Wilson criminal summary has been updated on

The DBKSMN law firm hired by Wilson has been somewhat investigated and to our surprise, the senior members are …………..well, you’ll just have to see for yourself to believe.

July 14, 2012

Walt DoBruck

P.O. Box 2256

Auburndale, Florida 33823

Re: Initial Filing of a Criminal Complaint & Investigation Request upon

      Clearwater Assistant Police Chief Sandra Rena Wilson


Co: Sheriff Bob Gualtiera – Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

Cc: Agent Steve Ibison – Tampa Division Director of the FBI

Cc: Agent Gary Loeffert – Jacksonville Division of the FBI – Supervising Agent

Cc: Police Chief Tony Holloway – Clearwater Police Department

Cc: Rob Surette – Clearwater Police Department Legal Advisor

Cc: George N. Cretekos – Mayor of Clearwater

Cc: Doreen Hock-DiPolito – Clearwater Councilmember

Cc: Jay Polglaze – Clearwater Councilmember

Cc: Bill Johnson – Clearwater Councilmember

Cc: Paul F. Gibson – Clearwater Councilmember

Cc: The Florida Cabinet – Rick Scott, Pam Bondi, JeffAtwater, & Adam Putnam

Cc: Robert O- U.’Neill ney repS. Attorresenting the Middle District of Florida

Cc: Walt DoBruck

Sheriff Gualtiera, by way of this notarized letter (Scan 0992), I am hereby officially filing a criminal complaint upon suspect identified as;

Clearwater Assistant Police Chief Sandra Rena Wilson.

Furthermore, upon this filing, I am requesting a criminal investigation by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office into the following facts as presented.

There are three issues being presented to your department identified as items 1-3.

Item # 1 reflects a perjury incident upon the suspect, item # 2 discloses at least three identities upon the suspect, and item # 3 reflects a current and open issue regarding the suspect’s previous employment with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the erroneous / falsified police report identified as # OR-48-0253 “Exhibit E”.

Here are the facts;

(1) Attached evidence marked as “Exhibit A” (Scan 0985), Sandra Rena Wilson fraudulently acknowledged her date of birth as “Feb 02, 1962.”

(a) “Exhibit A” is identified as “Not One And The Same Affidavit” and was administered under oath and under penalties of perjury.

(b) The document was administered by notary identified as Joan M. Martell in Pinellas County on June 14th, 2011 in Pinnellas County Florida.

(c) Notary identified as Joan M. Martell, is employed by the Clearwater Police Department as the Senior Staff Assistant.

(d) The Notary Commission of Joan M. Martell is identified as # DD 703658 and displayed within “Exhibit B” (Scan 0986).

(e) The criminal event occurred within the jurisdiction of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and the Tampa FBI.

(f) “Exhibit A” was officially recorded and is displayed within the Orange County Comptroller Book

10238, Page 2358 and additionally identified by recording # 20110358650.

(e) The recording of the criminal event (perjury) in Orange County Florida is within the jurisdiction of the Tampa FBI.

(2) It has been confirmed through evidence that Sandra Rena Wilson, a sworn law enforcement officer, has at least three (3) dates of birth identified as;

(a) Feb. 02, 1962 – “Exhibit A” – recorded affidavit under penalties of perjury

(b) February 09, 1962 – “Exhibit C” (Scan 0987) Moving violation recorded in Alachua County Clerk of Court

(c) February 19, 1962 – “Exhibit D” (Scan 0988) Email by the University of Florida (U/F) Police

Department, former employer, confirming the acknowledgment of discovery in identifying two (2) dates of birth upon suspect and identified as February 09, 1962 and February 19, 1962.

Identified parties within the communications are; Assistant U/F Police Chief Tony Dunn, U/F Police Chief Linda Stump and Walt DoBruck.

Based upon the facts displayed above recognizing three dates of birth, a true identity upon the suspect identified as a sworn law enforcement officer within the State of Florida, is unknown at this time. The facts presented warrant immediate attention into clarifying the true identity of Sandra Rena Wilson. Additional evidence is available upon request.

(3) Prior to employment with the Clearwater Police Department, Sandra Rena Wilson was employed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) in the Orlando Regional Office within the capacity of Supervising Agent.

On the 20th of November 2008, myself and others met with FDLE Agent Sandra Rena Wilson and FDLE Agent Michael Andrew Giddens and my wife and I supplied both agents with a probable cause package warranting the arrest of Lake County Deputy Derek Lynn Deland who committed over $ 100,000 in disaster aid fraud.

Additionally, a probable cause package was also presented warranting the arrest of Lake County Affordable Housing Manager identified as a one Nicie Mae Allen Parks for federal and state fraud regarding various programs.

(a) Recently acquired evidence identified as “Exhibit E” (Scan 0989) displays an erroneous and falsified police report # OR-48-0253 and acknowledges the fact that criminal evidence was suppressed by Agent Sandra Rena Wilson and Agent Michael Andrew Giddens.

(b) Suppressing criminal evidence is a violation of law, falsifying an official police report is a violation of law, and withholding evidence displaying federal fraud is a violation of United States Code (U.S.C.) Title 18 Section 4.

(c) “Exhibit E” is allegedly under current investigation by FDLE although no identifying factors have

been displayed by FDLE in addressing Sandra Rena Wilson’s involvement with OR-48-0253 as one of two agents representing FDLE and the criminal acts by both agents displayed within OR- 48-0253.

(d) “Exhibit E” originated in Orange County Florida and within jurisdiction of the Tampa FBI.

(e) The suppression of evidence by both agents, including Sandra Rena Wilson, has aided the non

prosecution of (proven crimes) commited by not only Lake County Deputy Derek Lynn Deland and now current employee of Leesburg Police Department; Nicie Mae Allen Parks, but has suppressed additional facts presented on November 20, 2008 that have lead into proving public corruption within Lake County Florida government.

Sheriff Gualtiera, your assistance is requested within this serious matter. “Exhibit A” has been released for the first time and is the gateway in warranting a complete and thorough criminal investigation followed by prosecution.

Furthermore, your actions or in-actions from this point forward will weigh heavily upon the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and the representatives identified within this correspondence. The outcome of this official complaint shall stand as a benchmark in measuring the divide between “law and lawless.”

The facts have been presented and I expect this criminal complaint to be administered the same as if any other regardless of the suspect’s current position as Clearwater’s Assistant Police Chief.

Please confirm the receipt of this official complaint by responding to, as well as, providing a case number identifying this complaint. I ask the same from all recipients identified above and receiving a copy of this complaint. We are tracking this case and logging all points of contact.

I offer my assistance and full support to your department in aiding this investigation and would convey the fact in regards to item 2 and 3 involving federal jurisdiction, would pursue a joint meeting with yourself and the Tampa FBI in displaying our entire case file on Sandra Rena Wilson.

I look forward to your expected reply.


Walt DoBruck


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