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This is an interesting link….check out what else was visited:

The document below may prove to be a most interesting link involving the girlfriend and what seems to be Christopher Ray Hyler out the booking date on this link:       …..and reflects there apparently was no attorney needed in this case contrary to State Law…..and many others like it contrary to Florida Title Insurance, Inc.’s qui.tam. Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act Suit in the Northern District of Florida under case number 88-50143 WS (Chief Federal Judge William Stafford) and a case attempted to be consolidated in the 14th Judicial Circuit under Judge Judy Pittman where she dismissed “with prejudice” and later recanted “without prejudice” after all the damage had been done  ………as is required by law for a Florida corporation to appear in court it must be represented by an attorney….unless you have a lot of pull….check out the contact phone number on the Eviction Notice.


The Hyler grilfriend and another witness was being held in the Bay County Jail and her family was very concerned for her safety.

Robert Shawn Ellison was brutally murdered at the construction site of First Baptist Church of Panama City Beach.

Your fellow Viddler, Panamaed, has recommended that you see the video BEACH HOMICIDE-LPKG. To watch the video just click the link below.  Pay particular attention to what is said about “his eyes!”

Sorry this video has been discontinued on that site.

URL: .

Anyone having any information on this murder is asked to contact authorities or leave your information here if you do not trust the authorities.

You can remain anonymous.

This investigation is being conducted by PCBPD and Jason Jones and I have been told Law Enforcement is stonewalling and now I think I know why! I contacted FBI Agent Alexis Hatten and he failed to interview the TWO witnesses or their family members that had been purposefully harassed and intimidated in an attempt to continue this coverup.

It has happened before, too!

I ran across these evictions filed on behalf of The Ellison Group, LLC. which sunbiz says is dissolved.

Check out the “CONTACT NUMBERS”  hand written on the documents, who the number belongs to and who they are “connected” with!

Bayco Development Company Flow Chart:


Event Date Filed 09/24/2010





Ellison Church


Lien BECOElliison lien2

Ellison FBC







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  1. Posted by jacksoned on November 25, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    have a happy thanksgiving, your wordpress site is so informative, you sure have done your research. i hope the people who killed this man get caught, and not just the one that did the shooting, the ones that were behind this “hit”


    • Thanksgiving ……for your thoughtful comments and support.

      You have every right to enjoy the day, too.

      You are doing us all a very special favor with your actions and you will succeed in your task….we salute you!


  2. […] IN MEMORY OF ROBERT SHAWN ELLISON AND MURRAY B. COHEN October 2010 2 comments 5 […]


  3. Another irrefutible piece of evidence in my father’s case. Sarasota Fire and Rescue had a volunteer Chaplain. His name is Jim Hawkins. Mr. Hawkins was fired from his volunteer job after he told some people involved in helping me about a conversation he
    heard at the fire department. Paramedic William Weaver who is one of the first paramedic on the scene at my father’s house told a co-worker that when they arrived at my father’s house, they found him face down. Amurro pretended to do CPR during the 911 call.

    Detective Garry Ferguson who was a homicide detective for the Sarasota Sheriff’s department looked at my father’s death scene pictures. He said that he could clearly tell that my father died face down.

    My attorney Mark Gelman had an investigator go to Bolivia and discovered that Amurrio purchased a substance from a pharmacy while in Bolivia with my father. He was unable to obtain a copy of the receipt which was most likely Corazol. Corazol is obtainable in Bolivia. My father was in Bolivia from December 4, 2002 and returned on January 1st, 2003 very sick suffering from head and stomach problems. Amurrio lied in her video deposition when she
    was asked if Murray came home sick from Bolivia. She defensively jerks back in her chair stunned at the question and defensively says no. My father spoke to his life long friend Rhoda Goodman the night before he died. He told her that he came back very sick from Bolivia and his symptoms had continued even as he spoke with Rhoda Goodman.
    No one in the world has more evidence of murder than me. My father left a record of his demise with his voice in the background of a 911 recording as he is being murdered. It should also be noted that the 1st officer on the scene claimed there was evidence of alcohol use. My father never drank alcohol and Corazol can give off the smell of alcohol.


  4. Posted by DeeDee on September 14, 2011 at 2:55 pm

    Wondering if the video you mentioned is still around? The link mentioned says it’s not found. Thanks!


    • I am sorry, it seems that video has been deleted.
      I posted a link to an updated story by WMBB, but there was not a video link there, either.
      It has been over a year and still nothing…….something is very wrong with that investigation.


  5. hey mama is that you? (DeeDee) anyways there is lots about the real Rob people didnt know


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