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The Panamaed Papers

Jefferson Beauregard “Jeff” Sessions was born in Selma, Alabama and raised in Camden, Alabama and hails to be from Mobile, Alabama. Jeff Sessions has an office in the B,B&T Bank Building which is the old failed Colonial Bank Center. Thomas Scott Smith, Jr. is a Dothan, Alabama Attorney with Smith & McGhee, PC at 211 […]

Junior Griff TDCed US

IT’S THE JR’S I TELL YA…..NEPOTISM…..CRONYISM…. This tells a lot about the situation: Griffitts McKeithen ML Florida Governor Rick Scott has appointed another nepotistic crony to fill the District 5 Bay County Commission Seat vacated by Mike Thomas who is now the new Panama City Beach, Florida Mayor. Scott appointed Phillip “Griff” Griffitts, Jr. who […]


March 17, 1988 was the day the Racketeers Panamaed Florida Title with the aid of a corrupt IRS Agent I met at the White Western Men’s Club with my crooked preacher partner Rev. J. W. Hunt and Hardees’s Owner Harry Sanders.. Today I will expound, please click on these links: REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!! MORE STORIES: […]

Allen “Frog” Johnson Executed

Seems Derrick Ray Thompson has a new attorney in his Santa Rosa trial for the capital murder of Steven Tyrone Zackowsk and wife Debra Lynn Zackowski…..from Yale…. Martin W. Lester. Experience Attorney Lester Law November 2013 – Present (2 years 8 months)3731 Hixson Pike, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37415 As an immigration attorney, I help individuals and families […]


SOME INTERESTING DETAILS JUST SURFACED….. Access Graphics is owned by Innotrac !  Merged with them.  Its in those merger docs.  Innotrac is owned by Martin Blank and Larry Dorfman.  Martin Blank is AnthonyThevis’s step father for those that dont know. You know rest of connection re John Mark Carr. WATCH WHERE YOU EAT…… American […]


……CONSTRUCTION ZONE…..UPDATE…. The Racketeers could not have looted our economy without first controlling the Legislative, Judicial and Executive Branches, the Title Companies and the Banks. THIS SAYS A LOT…..ANY QUESTIONS????\1998\0520\H9009376.TIF&documentNumber=P98000045157 AFTER YOU DIGEST THE ABOVE, JUST CHEW ON THIS FOR A LITTLE […]

White Western Men’s Club Runs Panama City

  REST IN PEACE COACH PAUL NIX: Mr. Robert Paul Nix, Sr., 69, of Panama City, passed away Thursday, February 28, 2013 at his residence. Mr. Nix was born July 17, 1943 in Bainbridge, GA to Robert and Ruby Nix. He was an outstanding football player in his high school and college years at Troy […]

There Is A Hole In Uncle Sam’s Arm Where All The Good Money Goes

PLEASE PARDON THE GRAPHIC PHOTO, BUT I JUST WANTED TO MAKE A POINT OF HOW NASTY THIS SITUATION REALLY IS. Why the Feds and the State don’t indict all these parties that robbed the Banks with Civil and Criminal RICO is beyond me. Under RICO, a person who is a member of an enterprise that […]


THIS IS INFO FROM A VISIT TO THIS SITE TODAY. ALL THE S= ARE SEARCH TERMS…. THIS ONE IS THE MOST REMARKABLE: Referring URL: (No referring link) Host Name: Browser: IE 9.0 IP Address: — [Label IP Address] Operating System: WinVista Location: Panama City, Florida, United States Resolution: Unknown Returning Visits: 10 Javascript: Disabled […]

Panama City News Herald Supports The Mob

It seems Halifax Media’s Panama City News Herald has fallen in to the ruts of Freedom Communications by supporting MOBSTER ACTIVITIES. From covering up multiple murders to supporting Nudie Bars to now promoting MOBSTER political activities involving Governmental Fraud and Abuse Editor Mike Cazalas has sold out to the MOB……AGAIN……..AND AGAIN. I hoped for some […]