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Who threw the 1970 Rutherford High vs. Bay High Football Game

The coaches had us running the Bloody Bucket Drill days before the Big Game.

Rutherford High School had  only lost one game to Leon High School.  Leon was #1 in the State and Rutherford was #4.  Bay High School had only won two games all year.

The coaches  did not grade the game film and burned the film to keep from showing it.

The Bookies had paid off some coaches and players.

This story ties into some of the individuals in the other story. Rev. J. W. Hunt testified at the Racketeering and Offshore Sports Betting trial of James Maulden , owner of the cruise ship Elegance, in Mississippi.

The Al-American running back was so downed out he could hardly stand up, but the quarterback, the principles’ son, kept giving him the ball.

There were some major College scouts there that night, but with that performance, all anyone got was a small college offer.

Coach Paul Nix was the scapeRAM who got canned for selling out and went to work for Maulden who married Judge Fitzpatrick’s daughter, Patria.

Coaches Kirby, Moore and Ivy needs to be reached for their comments.

That link has an interesting twist that will tie a few other things together for ya’ll.

The “Bloody Bucket Drill” is where one player, the one being punished, is on one side, regardless of size and position, and the team is on the other in a line. This happens at the end of practice when everyone is so tired they can hardly stand up
Each team member, one at the time, takes a shot at the player being punished. By the time the player gets hit 10-15 times he is helpless and is like a noodle. The hits just keep on coming….and the injuries.
Every team member that missed a practice during the year, which was almost everyone, had to run the cruel and inhumane “Bloody Bucket Drill” just days before the last game of the season when we were 4th in the State and our only loss was to the #1 Team in the State by a score of 8-6.
That is just one way they threw a game….by getting feelings and people hurt!!!!
There were many more tactics used to insure the loss of that game.