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The Panamaed Papers


Jefferson Beauregard “Jeff” Sessions was born in Selma, Alabama and raised in Camden, Alabama and hails to be from Mobile, Alabama. Jeff Sessions has an office in the B,B&T Bank Building which is the old failed Colonial Bank Center.

Thomas Scott Smith, Jr. is a Dothan, Alabama Attorney with Smith & McGhee, PC at 211 W. Main St, Dothan, Alabama.

Thomas Scott Smith, III was Clerk for Federal Judges Grenade and Dubose.

I was on the Senate Finance Committee IRS Oversight Committee Panel due to my qui.tam. Racketeering Case…..a corrupt IRS Agent whom I met at the White Western Men’s Club with Rev. J.W. Hunt and Harry Sanders died two days after being served by US Marshals as a RICO Defendant………..there was a murder investigation conducted by the IRS……….the 11th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals ignored verbal argument to exhume and have an independent Medical Examiner conduct an autopsy since the 14th Circuit Medical Examiner Dr. William Sybers had just murdered his wife Kay Sybers and his son had suspiciously committed suicied. The Supreme Court Clerk returned by writ of certioari due to some spacing error and I had to republish the 32 Defendant Document, serve all Defendants and ReFile. The writ was rejected due to time tolling from the 11th Circuit Decision rather than the rejection of the Request For Hearing en banc…..more later…..sessionsletter-001


Professional Attempt To Murder Investigative Reporter John Caylor?


Dear Panamaed:

As my former paid bodyguard I would ask your help one more time, I have been in Henry County, Alabama for almost 20 days investigating Alabama lawyers and former Court judges who are apparently been shaking down older people for their estates and money.
They have done so through murder, fraud and other means in their efforts to illegally obtain the estates of persons 65+.  This is apparently why Republicans in the Alabama Legislature re-wrote Probate laws to give attorneys  10 years to dispose of an estate instead of 5. This is one of the reason how David Jerome Harrison, Ronnie Gilley’s attorney was able to practice law even though I sent him to federal prison in the late 90’s for running a Meth Ring , the ALABAMA BAR  is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION.
I realized when I traveled south again that my life could be in danger but I have never been afraid because God has always been with me before in doing the right thing to help other people.
But I am afraid things are getting extremely deadly, this time the attempt is more real than any other time I can recall.  I barely escaped being killed from an arson fire and subsequent planned electrocution of myself and Mrs. McLendon the host of the home I am visiting in Headland, Al upon our arrival to her home in Headland last Wednesday night.
I am attaching the photos of my bed and also some other shots of her home which was locked – destroyed by arson fire and no one knew it as the Fire Department did not come and police say they knew nothing of it.The Headland Police and State of Alabama Fire Marshall’s are now investigating and have ruled it arson and I am being followed by black SUV’s.  I am deeply troubled that Headland police appeared to be primed Wednesday night to lay blame on the owner and myself.  After returning to her home this date (Sunday) and taking photos in the dark smut covered house the photos speak for themselves as a Professional Hit by the boys and we know many Alabama top cops are on the payroll of the boys.
I am going to piss these everyone off and let you put this out as I have very little faith in Alabama law enforcement and fear that I am being set up for multiple take downs by fire- electrocution, bullet or false arrest and imprisonment.  The good thing is everyone knows that is not my first brush with death and hopefully I can write and get it out. And get help now.
I traveled to Headland from Virginia the 5th of the month to interview the home owner Nancy McLendon a former Alabama English teacher and author who holds a doctorate degree to investigate her claims of harassment and threats at the hands of the same people in Enterprise who are connected at the hip state-wide in the murders and pedophilia . A local attorney and former-long time circuit court judge(Charles Woodham) has been trying for some time to shake her 97 year old mother down for 350 acres of land that possibly has oil on it.
I first discovered this pattern and practice by Alabama attorneys in 2000 when my mother was hit in the head and hospitalized for months when they gained power of attorney over her and then again in 2006 when they finished the job by murdering and the Enterprise Police tried to murder me.
I have replicated these type cases 6 other  times (3 in Bay County, FL)  and in Foley, Alabama in 2011 when I discovered my then wife Donna Caylor was part of the multi-state operation and had been responsible for the murder of Marylin Evelyn Walker on February 24, 2008 and Foley Police shook down Marylin Walker’s husband for several hundred thousand dollars and he fled to IL. after the death Certificate was filed.
He did this to hide from the cops  as they left the Death Certificate as “undetermined gun -shot wound to face” to keep him at bay as he killed his wife with Donna’s help and I am sure James Walker was the  victim of entrapment by cops and lawyers in Foley.  This is the primary reason I was jailed at the border above Seattle in 2012 for 8 months and the revelations I made to the F.B.I. about disbarred lawyers in Alabama being able to practice law while the Alabama Bar looks the other way. All these murders have been covered up by Alabama Department of Forensic  Sciences at Auburn, AL who with-hold autopsies and divert investigations, like Steve Nodine’s murder of Angel Downs. Nodine was not convicted due to botched firearms reports and ballistics in Angel  Downs murder.
I had profiled Nodine as an East German FSB agent who was a pedophile and in October when I was deeply involved in writing about the pedophile operation Nodine called me from his lawyers office on a fishing expedition and I informed the F.B.I. he was fishing and they promptly had him arrested and put back into jail to serve his time.  – The question looms why was Nodine Free? He was in Hoss Mack’s jail at Baldwin County.  I am attaching to this email the photos. Let me know what you uncover. ThanksJohn Caylor540-904-9481editor@insider-magazine.comImageImage