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Will Florida Toe The Line?

I am going to be following a very interesting Florida Election Case brought by Randall Townsend pertaining to there not being a Blank Line to write in a Candidate for the Florida Attorney General. This Case is before Florida 2nd Circuit Judge Karen Gievers who is on a roll with huge cases now. As you may recall Judge Gievers ruled Floridians have the right to smoke medical marijuana and also ruled against Rick Scott in a Blind Trust Case among several others.

This Case is Randall Townsend individually and Townsend et.rel. for the State of Florida and Next Friend of All Citizens of Florida verses Florida Secretaries of State, Florida Governors, Florida Attorney Generals, Florida Legislators, Florida Supreme Court and Lower Court Judges and “alias” Law Enforcers and Others Doe to Be Named.

This is an action per FS 86 Declaratory Rights and FS 80 Quo Warranto for the Purpose as A 42 USC 1983 “AS A CITIZEN Private Attorneys” rightfully acting FOR ALL Citizens in Action in Leon County Circuit Court 18-2293 and Florida Supreme Court Action 18-1951 as a 18 USC 1951 HOBBS ACT Action.

Please bear with me as this is going to updated from time to time…….there is much, much more to the ongoing story….