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White Western Men’s Club Runs Panama City

Chicago Title bails on 1430 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Florida

Chicago Title bails on 1430 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Florida




Mr. Robert Paul Nix, Sr., 69, of Panama City, passed away Thursday, February 28, 2013 at his residence. Mr. Nix was born July 17, 1943 in Bainbridge, GA to Robert and Ruby Nix. He was an outstanding football player in his high school and college years at Troy State University.

Mr. Nix was instrumental in the creation of the first fraternity at Troy University, Pi Kappa Phi. After graduation from Troy State University, he came to Panama City where he began his professional career as a football coach and teacher at Rutherford High School leaving behind a remarkable association with staff and students.
Mr. Nix next worked at Seaco Electric in increasing positions of management responsibility.He started Bay Construction Company and was a major builder in the area with many examples of his work still present such as the Fire Department Building on 6th Avenue. He started and was president of Corrections Communication, Inc. Mr. Nix was Special Project Manager, Office of the Sergeant at Arms, for the Florida House of Representatives.He was a member of Panama City Jaycees, Military Affairs, Chamber of Commerce, First Friday Club, and Rotary Club.
Mr. Nix served on the Panama City Civil Board as Vice Chairman, Bay County Regional Airport as Vice Chairman, Bay Water Quality Committee, Northwest Florida Regional Housing Authority, Bay County Planning Commission as Chairman, and he was the Founder of White Western Dinner Club. Mr. Nix loved fishing and golf.
He was preceded in death by his parents, Robert and Ruby Nix. Mr. Nix is survived by his fiancée Georgia Dake of Panama City; son, Robert Nix, Jr. of Panama City; brother, Larry K. Nix and wife Alice of Marietta, GA; two grandchildren: Alek and Brannon Nix; cousin and loyal friend James (Jim) Smith of Tallahassee, FL; two nieces: Laura Gerson and Sharon Nix of Los Angeles, CA; nephew, Greg Nix of Marietta, GA; former wife Ginger Isler; and numerous cousins.
Funeral services will be 3 p.m., Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at Southerland Family Funeral Home with Reverend Clyde Ellis officiating. Family will receive friends at the funeral home, Monday, March 4, 2013 from 6 to 8 p.m. Pallbearers are: Carroll Howell, Jim White, Wayne Lewis, Ray Kicklighter, Jim Motley, Bayne Collins, Jerry Clemons, Jackie Shores, Willis Holley, Jerry Sowell, Rush Akin, John Pilcher, Guy Tunnell, Mike Amos, and James “Bo” Barrow.Family has asked that donations be made to Covenant Hospice, 107 W. 19th St. Panama City, Florida 32405 in Robert’s name.



I got PAMAMAED just after a meeting at Peoples arranged by Rev. Hunt when he and his White Western Mens Club buddies Harry Sanders, Allan Bense, Walt Abbott, Joe Chapman and others were trying to rip off the Junction Station, Inc. truckstop deal. I met IRS Agent Russell Raymond Ervin at THE CLUB and he was later either murdered or sheepdipped to keep him from testifying IMHO. IRS Agent Ervin seized Florida Title on the same day I refused an EXTORTION attempt to purchase assets by CHICAGO TITLE AGENT H.B. James/Gulf Coast Title.
I hope the truth will finally be told.

When I worked for Panama Title, silently owned by Charles Isler, Jr., attorney for Bay Bank, St. Joe and others I found out there are 12 men that run Panama City, Bay County and are heavily involved in what goes on EVERYWHERE ELSE, TOO!  They put on a feed every third Thursday on Highway 77  and whatever they decide every third Thursday night…….HAPPENS FRIDAY MORNING!

Much  later, after I started Florida Title and became a threat to them, I was invited to the White Western Men’s Club by a local preacher, Rev. J. W. Hunt,  I was partners with in the Truck Stop Venture, Junction Station, Inc. on the corner of Hwy. 231 and Hwy. 20 just across the street from the landlocked and poorly planed BP Station and Hardees. My Great-uncle, Ellis L. Jordan owned the Southeast corner with about 30,000 more acres around there.  Worst night of my life. Saw all the people who had given me trouble for years. Met an IRS Agent, Russell R. Ervin that showed up the next day to do an audit. He threatened my life on behalf of the preacher he said they were doing an investigation on and the confidential informant and the IRS Agent in charge had turned up MISSING!.  Also saw Mike Mann, H. B. James, Clinton Foster and others there.

Just months later seized my 12-year-old business, Florida Title Insurance, Inc. when I refused to sell out to competitor “Gulf Coast Title”, agent for Chicago Title, owned by H.B. James and Michael Sharp. They had made a FAIR offer in contract prepared by Hess, but reduced the price to 10K at the last-minute and when I kicked them out of my office the IRS Agent showed up and ran another audit and said I owed 8K and refused to accept 5k that day and put the padlocks on the doors. They sold my business for 7K to James on the same day the Bankruptcy Court refused to accept my petition as Owner and Creditor of the Business.  They knew I was coming from the attorney, Charles Wynn, that had been paid to do the Bankruptcy and bailed and the Clerk was waiting at the door for me when they opened.

Sued under qui.tam. with notice to Justice Department, never heard from anyone until the IRS Inspectors Office did a murder investigation on the IRS Agent that was found dead just days after being served by U.S. Marshals. Never guess who did his autopsy. Filed RICO suit and it took three filings to get it past a crooked Federal Judiciary, Roger Vinson, Lacey Collier and William Stafford, and Bankruptcy Court. Could not appear on behalf of seized family owned corporation or Fictitious Name Company, Florida Title. Had paid attorneys, but they bailed at the last-minute like they do around here when you get PANAMAED!

Chicago Title, owned by Fidelity, is now in our building. Their parent company has tried to monopolize the title industry and many others. They gave New Century a contract to only turn down 2.5 percent of their loans regardless of income verification issues and fraud. There is a 500 page report. I believe Fidelity, Chicago Title, Lawyers Title,  ran out the competition to shore up their scheme to defraud us on a major scale. Time tells and they even bought our underwriter that was there that day and in on the scheme.

Tyndall Federal Credit Union was in on it too. Their Attorney was in the Firm that represented the Preacher and H.B. James. I was electrocuted while renting the Bank Building at 130 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, Florida. I think they tried to take me out. Jerry Gerde omitted a lot on my deed and tried to extort a settlement. Doctor covered up injuries. Attorneys had allowed adjacent owners to convert property owned by CU to their use. They wanted me out of business from the start.

This is why we are in the shape we are in. No Justice. No Oversight. No Conscience. They have taken away all the checks and balances. We need to enforce the Clayton Antitrust Act and the Sherman Antitrust Act. The RICO Act can be uses on these MOBSTERS, but we must be insured that the Judiciary is not corrupt to change anything..

Funny, the 12 members of White Western put on a feed each month. I was invited the night they served Hardees Roast Beef. We were trying to do a new truck stop, Junction Station, on the northeast corner of Hwy 231 and  Hwy 20 and it was just a scam to rip off the owner of the property by the crooked preacher and his crooked attorneys and his MOBSTER friends at White Western Men’s Club where James Finch and Harry Sanders are 2 of the 12 members. I saved the owners’ property from being stolen from him at the point of a pen.


This was just posted by an interested party:


Panama City, FL

Yea, I went a few years back when one of the 12 was retiring. Mr Vickery who owned the Panama CIty coca coal distributer was stepping down. I was a invited guest of my employer and a young guy at the time. I truely thought I had stepped back in slavery times. We were up in the woods as you kow and had nothing but black servants, the roads were lined with Bay COunty Deputies and had a escort when we left, 90% hammered drunk, but the Sheriff made sure that everyone made it to town driving. People like Joe Moore and Tom Lewis were there, the Sheriff of course. Congressmen and state senators were there. IT was truely a site to see who actually ran and still does Panama City and BAy COunty. The LEe Sullivans and Frank McKeithens. Just standing back listening, if someone had wiretaps, and had the balls to procecute, there would be no upper crust left in this area. They were all dirty.

Do some reading here Panamaed…