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I filed a, qui.tam. Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act suit against several Banks such as Bay Bank, Sun Bank, Savings and Loans, such as Florida First Federal and Peoples First Federal, Tyndall Federal Credit Union, Two IRS Agents, Russell R. Ervin and Dennis Lister, a number of attorneys such as Jerry Gerde and Bert Davenport, Rev. J. W. Hunt, Abbott Appraisal Associates, Buchanan-Harper Surveying, Key Electrical Supplies and a competitor Title Company, Gulf Coast Title, an agent of Chicago Title, now owned by Fidelity National,  and others in Panama City, Florida



The qui.tam. RICO Act complaint was filed due to coercion of business, Sherman Act violations, Hobbs Act violations, Clayton Act violations and several other counts when we refused to sell to our competitor who change the price on a contract to buy our assets.  The IRS Agent, who I had met at the White Western Men’s Club, had previously threatened my life when he said my preacher partner was a “bad man” and they were doing an investigation on him and the IRS Agent in charge and a confidential informant had “turned up missing”.  He seized my business the same day we refused to sell.  The Bankruptcy Court refused to accept Chapter 11 reorganization petition and US District Court refused to accept first two complaints.  After sanitizing complaint it was accepted and 32 defendants were served by US Marshals.  Just days later IRS Agent was found dead.  His autopsy was conducted by Coroners Office where Coroner later murdered his wife.
We never got a hearing, discovery conference, seizure fo assets of defendants not appearing, ect…. Our first hearing was at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals where most of the 15 minutes was spent trying to get the Agents’ body exhumed for an independent autopsy. The IRS Inspectors office had questioned me in a murder investigation, but it went nowhere.
There were a couple of reasons this occurred.  I had just discovered that Wes Burnham, a title company from Clearwater, FL and a contractor involved with our underwriter, Industrial Valley Title, now owned by Chicago Title and Fidelity National who also owns Lawyers Title and American Pioneer (the company that controls the Public Records via OnCore throughout Florida)  had constructed a condo on a 1000′ of dedicated Beach Front Park, saved a partner from being swindled out of 27 acre Truck Stop Parcel, discovered major surveying errors downtown showing streets, alleys and main street Harrison Avenue being moved 67 feet illegally with a domino effect on all adjacent parcels, and multiple other overt acts being committed by a Racketeering Enterprise that was composed of most of the business sector of the area.
A qui.tam. notice is where you send the Justice Department a copy of your complaint 90 days before filing to allow “the King to enjoin to correct the problem or if not to allow you to sue the King”.  They returned it to us in a plain manilla envelope with no cover letter to express the fact there was no plan to enjoin.
The problems we are facing now did not just “happen”, they are well planned and occurred with the knowledge and participation of many.  These include the ones that are supposed to be protecting us.