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The Panamaed Papers


Jefferson Beauregard “Jeff” Sessions was born in Selma, Alabama and raised in Camden, Alabama and hails to be from Mobile, Alabama. Jeff Sessions has an office in the B,B&T Bank Building which is the old failed Colonial Bank Center.

Thomas Scott Smith, Jr. is a Dothan, Alabama Attorney with Smith & McGhee, PC at 211 W. Main St, Dothan, Alabama.

Thomas Scott Smith, III was Clerk for Federal Judges Grenade and Dubose.

I was on the Senate Finance Committee IRS Oversight Committee Panel due to my qui.tam. Racketeering Case…..a corrupt IRS Agent whom I met at the White Western Men’s Club with Rev. J.W. Hunt and Harry Sanders died two days after being served by US Marshals as a RICO Defendant………..there was a murder investigation conducted by the IRS……….the 11th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals ignored verbal argument to exhume and have an independent Medical Examiner conduct an autopsy since the 14th Circuit Medical Examiner Dr. William Sybers had just murdered his wife Kay Sybers and his son had suspiciously committed suicied. The Supreme Court Clerk returned by writ of certioari due to some spacing error and I had to republish the 32 Defendant Document, serve all Defendants and ReFile. The writ was rejected due to time tolling from the 11th Circuit Decision rather than the rejection of the Request For Hearing en banc…..more later…..sessionsletter-001

Junior Griff TDCed US



This tells a lot about the situation:

Griffitts McKeithen ML

Florida Governor Rick Scott has appointed another nepotistic crony to fill the District 5 Bay County Commission Seat vacated by Mike Thomas who is now the new Panama City Beach, Florida Mayor.

Scott appointed Phillip “Griff” Griffitts, Jr. who is a candidate against Brian Rust for the August Primary Election and this may prove to be the kind of push Rust needs in his Campaign following his surgery and full recovery. Rust says he didn’t submit his request to be considered due to his opinion that it was a contrary conflict in the upcoming voting process. I agree.

This action by Scott is right up there with his arrest of Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch and his appointment of Carl Bertram Causey, Jr  and Walter Lee “Buddy” Money, Jr. AND  SHERIFF NICK FINCH LATER PREVAILED IN COURT….

I wonder why someone that boasts of years with the Tourist Development Council would fail for years to pay a TOURIST DEVELOPMENT TAX LIEN?????

Word has it he also didn’t pay his water bill on the Hotel and was also behind on the franchise fees for the Queensberry, but I cannot verify that…..


The Griffitts have deep ties to the White Western Men’s Club. Was this decision by Rick Scott made on a third Thursday Night of the month feed there????

Whatever the White Western Men’s Club decides each third Thursday night…..HAPPENS FRIDAY MORNING!!

White Western Men’s Club has long been involved in the choosing of winners and losers in BUSINESS, BANKING, POLITICS,  TAX  FRAUD AND ALL THE OTHER RACKETS!

I met corrupt IRS Agent Russell Raymond Ervin there just before I got PANAMAED with Racketeers Rev. J. W. Hunt and Harry Sanders, and IRS Agent Ervin was found dead (sheepdipped?) just days after being served by US Marshals as defendant in qui.tam. RICO Case. His son Kevin Ervin is now Panama City Police Chief.