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Murray Cohen Murder Update

I have been trying to help Murray Cohen’s son get the truth out about his father’s murder.

This is a report done by James Casey:

This is the link to his website:


Thanks Panamaed!!!
This past January13th marked ten years that my father was murdered and justice being denied to my family. A few days ago, I finally received a copy of the investigative report conducted by Jim Casey. My attorney, Mark Gelman hired Mr. Casey on our behalf after reading a news article in the Jacksonville Newspaper regarding Mr. Casey retiring from the FBI and going into private practice. After a 7 month investigation, he has determined that there is probable cause that my father ‘s wife of three weeks killed him.

Jim Casey is the son of William Casey who was the head of the FBI and the CIA. Casey’s report is 50 pages with 6 volumes of evidence. Friday, it was sent to the new Sarasota State attorney and the current medical examiner requesting that my father’s killer be arrested. I will be able to share the report with you in a week. At that point, it could be shared with everyone. My faith in God and the support of my family is the reason why I am going to make it to the finish line.

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Lake Mary pathologist still wonders about man’s 2003 death

LAKE MARY — Pathologist William Anderson has performed 8,000 autopsies in his career, but it’s one he didn’t do that troubles him.

Eight years ago, Anderson reviewed the death of a 71-year-old Sarasota man who apparently had died of a heart attack. The case appeared unremarkable, police said nothing was amiss, and the man’s new wife did not request an autopsy. So Anderson signed the death certificate and moved on.

That, Anderson says, was a mistake.

“If we’d known then what we found out later, I definitely would have ordered an autopsy,” he said in recent interview. “It mystifies me that it hasn’t happened yet.”

Now a private pathologist in Lake Mary, Anderson has been saying the same thing for six years. He is a supporting player in a bitter dispute between the dead man’s son — who thinks his father was murdered — and Sarasota law-enforcement officials who say the son — South Florida resident Steve Esdale — sees conspiracies in every shadow.

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Sarasota County hires FDLE agent to look for fraud

SARASOTA COUNTY – A state law officer is taking on a new job in Sarasota County government: investigate fraud and mismanagement and train staff on how to avoid ethical missteps.

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